Miami Furniture Companies

There are many furniture companies in Miami, and a lot of them are big franchises taking over the market; in our opinion we find the best pieces unique to themselves at boutique, discount stores and sometimes thrift stores as well!

When looking to help design a space, we first take into consideration where the space is, what the person’s vision is for the space, and how we can make it unique, unlike the cookie-cutter pieces you find in the big franchise stores. Our favorite vintage pieces to stock up on are: stools, couches, beds and accessories. These may seem unimportant but having statement pieces like them will make a big difference in your space! Without having too much going on, we like to add a specific style to each room that gives off good energy and vibes. We want everyone to be comfortable, happy and at ease every time they are in their own space. The comfortability and other factors even aid in productivity, mood, and all-around happiness. Below we will feature some statement pieces from boutique Miami stores that we think will add a great stylish touch to your space!

Morada Furniture

Morada Furniture in Miami is a modern-focused, boutique furniture store. They have one-of-a-kind pieces ranging from beds to coffee tables. A statement piece from Morada Furniture that stood out to us was this “HEAVEN bed” 

Having this unique bed and pairing it with a nice fluffy rug and dainty accessories will make the originality of the bed shine through. Not doing too much is important to keep in mind when incorporating pieces like the one shown above. We love the material and look of this bed and would put it in a stone grey bedroom with a white plush rug and gold or copper night stands. The fun of decorating a bedroom is it is specific to you and possibly one other person; it is a space to get creative and show your personality.

Big Box Furniture

Big Box Furniture in Miami is another awesome boutique furniture store giving the big franchises a run for their money. They offer living room furniture, bedroom furniture, and vintage pieces as well. One super cute and unique piece we saw at Big Box was this white fur stool:

We are obsessed with the gold legs and white faux fur. This stool would go perfect with a vanity or even in the bedroom with the heaven bed pictured above.

Jonathan Adler

Located in Miami’s Design District, Jonathan Adler‘s one of a kind storefront looks nothing short of a dream. Every interior design lover needs to see his beautiful modern furniture collection if they are in Miami. The Miami location is centered around “bringing Modern American Glamour into your life.” Each location has a different theme and is beautifully decorated.

As it is not cheap, we recommend going to these high-end stores for inspiration or to choose a statement piece, depending on your budget! Having a house fully designed with Jonathan Adler pieces would be