1960’s/Modern Themed Living Space.

Different Decades in a Living Space.

With the use of unique and vintage artwork paired with open windows and wavy textures, this living space is using a few different styles to create its own look. What we like about this concept as a whole is the whimsical nature of the artwork and texture, along with the sleek floor-to-ceiling windows.

Purchase TinTin On a Marche Sur La Lune

Purchase Brown Leather Bench

Purchase Wavy Wall Panels

Purchase White Fluffy Rug

Overall, we love this designs’ pairings and would use them as inspiration for a future project for one of our clients or even our own personal projects as well. The simplicity with the unique touches is what keeps people interested in Interior design like this concept. This design impresion is a perfect example of thinking outside the lines and creating a comfortable living room with unique touches. Interior design is a form of self-expression and doing so in a way that is personal to you will be what makes you feel at home.

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